Ruth Hindshaw

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Department of Earth Sciences
University of Cambridge
Downing Street

E-mail: ruth.hindshaw(at)

Peer-reviewed papers

Hindshaw, RS; Lang, SQ; Bernasconi, SM; Heaton, THE; Lindsay, MR and Boyd, ES (2016) Origin and temporal variability of unusually low δ13C-DOC values in two High Arctic catchments, JGR Biogeosciences, 121, doi:10.1002/2015JG003303. [link]

Hindshaw, RS; Heaton, THE; Boyd, ES; Lindsay, MR and Tipper, ET (2016) Influence of glaciation on mechanisms of mineral weathering in two high Arctic catchments, Chemical Geology, 420, 37-50 [link]

Hindshaw, RS; Rickli, J; Leuthold, J; Wadham, J and Bourdon, B (2014) Identifying weathering sources and processes in an outlet glacier of the Greenland Ice Sheet using Ca and Sr isotope ratios, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 145, 50-71 [link]

Hindshaw, RS; Bourdon, B; Pogge von Strandmann, PAE; Vigier, N and Burton, KW (2013) The stable calcium isotopic composition of rivers draining basaltic catchments in Iceland, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 374, 173-184 [link]

Hindshaw, RS; Reynolds, BC; Wiederhold, JG; Kiczka, M; Kretzschmar, R and Bourdon, B (2013) Calcium isotope fractionation in alpine plants, Biogeochemistry, 112, 373-388 [link]

Tipper, ET; Lemarchand, E; Hindshaw, RS; Reynolds, BC and Bourdon, B (2012) Seasonal sensitivity of weathering processes: Hints from magnesium isotopes in a glacial stream, Chemical Geology, 312-313, 80-92 [link]

Bernasconi, SM; Bauder, A; Bourdon, B; Brunner, I; Bünemann, E; Christl, I; Derungs, N; Edwards, P; Farinotti, D; Frey, B; Frossard, E; Furrer, G; Gierga, M; Göransson, H; Gülland, K; Hagedorn, F; Hajdas, I; Hindshaw, RS; Ivy-Ochs, S; Jansa, J; Jonas, T; Kiczka, M; Kretzschmar, R; Lemarchand, E; Luster, J; Magnusson, J; Mitchell, EA; Venterink, HO; Plötze, M; Reynolds, B; Smittenberg, RH; Stähli, M; Tamburini, F; Tipper, ET; Wacker, L; Welc, M; Wiederhold, JG; Zeyer, J; Zimmermann, S; Zumsteg, A (2011) Chemical and biological gradients along the Damma Glacier soil chronosequence, Switzerland, Vadose Zone Journal, 10, 867-883 [link]

Hindshaw, RS; Tipper, ET; Reynolds, BC; Lemarchand, E; Wiederhold, JG; Magnusson, J; Bernasconi, SM; Kretzschmar, R and Bourdon, B (2011) Hydrological control of stream water chemistry in a glacial catchment (Damma Glacier, Switzerland), Chemical Geology, 285, 215-230 [link]

Hindshaw, RS; Reynolds, BC; Wiederhold, JG; Kretzschmar, R and Bourdon, B (2011) Calcium isotopes in a proglacial weathering environment: Damma glacier, Switzerland, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75, 106-118 [link]

Bernasconi, SM; Christi, I; Hajdas, I; Zimmermann, S; Hagedorn, F; Smittenberg, RH; Furrer, G; Zeyer, J; Brunner, I; Frey, B; Plötze, M; Lapanje, A; Edwards, P; Venterink, HO; Göransson, H; Frossard, E; Bünemann, E; Jansa, J; Tamburini, F; Welc, M; Mitchell, E; Bourdon, B; Kretzschmar, R; Reynolds, B; Lemarchand, E; Wiederhold, J; Tipper, E; Kiczka, M; Hindshaw, RS; Stähli, M; Jonas, T; Magnusson, J; Bander, A; Farinotti, D; Huss, M; Wacker, L; Abbaspour, K (2008) Weathering, soil formation and initial ecosystem evolution on a glacier forefield: A case study from the Damma Glacier, Switzerland, Mineralogical Magazine , 72, 19-22 [link]

PhD Thesis

Chemical weathering and calcium isotope fractionation in a glaciated catchment (2011) ETH Zurich [link]